How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon (Profit Margin Calculation)

How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon (Profit Margin Calculation)

In this article, How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon, we will talk about how you can sell products using Amazon’s website step by step, how you can set up this business model correctly and get income by selling from anywhere in the world with internet access. In addition to these, we will talk about how to find products that are sold or can be sold on Amazon, as well as how to find these products from high quality suppliers and how to send them to Amazon’s warehouse. We have researched the  How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon withdrawal methods for collecting the profit obtained by selling on Amazon. Amazon make Money, How to earn Money from amazon, Amazon Partner, How to make Money on Amazon, Money-making sites, Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller, Sites that make Money

Making Money on Amazon

One of the first questions that comes to mind is why Amazon sales are made. The analysed data shows that Amazon has a really large customer network. People all around the world shop online from Amazon constantly, so it can be concluded that the sales circulation in Amazon is the most preferred business model in making money from the internet by doing e-commerce.

According to the latest statistics, Amazon has around 200 million monthly active customers in the American market. Every week, 70 million of these customers buy products from Amazon. See the statistical data in the image below;

As seen in the data above, when the question “Which of the online sites do you shop at?” was asked, the percentage of the answer “” was 89%. Apart from this, Amazon had a sales turnover of 15 billion dollars in 2007, and it increased to 158 billion dollars according to 2018 data. As expected, it has increased considerably in 2020.

How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon

How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon

If the biggest opportunity for How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon the entrepreneurs of the decade we are in is to sell over the internet, we can say that the best way to do it is to to do it through Amazon. Because it does not require any extra effort. The delivery process is made by Amazon. All you need to do is to deliver the products to be sold to Amazon’s warehouse.

What can i sell on Amazon? How can i sell?

We can explain it briefly with an example. After logging in to, type “garlic hammer” in the search bar on the page, select a product for 14 dollars among the products that appear. In order to find out the price you can buy this product, you can use a simple step. You can find out about this in a short time through! After checking the “trade insurance”previously proven” buttons among the filtering options for your product on, you will see the products of similar sellers. On, you can charge you $3 for a garlic hammer, which is charged for $14 by wholesalers.

Amazon Make Money / Profit Calculation

If you want to make money by selling on Amazon through e-commerce, but can’t estimate your profit, this method will help you calculate the profit you will get from sales on Amazon. You can calculate your profit through amazon’s own calculation program by typing “fba calculator” into the search engine.

In order to calculate the profit margin, you need to get the identification number of the product you want to sell on Each listed product on Amazon has an identification number. Quite simply, you can think of it as a product code. It is located at the top of the product information. After clicking on the product information for the selected product, you need to copy the code in the “ASIN” section. The ID number of the product should be pasted on the FBA CALCULATOR page that is searched from the search engine. On the page that opens, the information regarding the delivery option via Amazon should be filled. Otherwise, you have to make the delivery individually.

The information you need to fill in here is;

  • How much you want to sell the product for (14 dollars)
  • You need to write down the purchase cost (3 dollars).
  • You can view your profit margin by clicking the calculation button.

According to the sample calculation data, the profit margin is 6 dollars. So you it is 200%. You will have a profit of 6 dollars out of 14 dollars. We can say that 200% profit margin is not very possible for a usual trade. There is also a professional account fee of $39.99 per month.

How Many of an Amazon Product Can I Sell?

Again, as we explained before, in the “Best Seller Rank” section of the product information section, you can view the rank of the selected product in the relevant category. Another website where you can see how many categories are sold per day; You can see how much daily product categories are sold on FBA TOOLKIT.

Amazon Withdrawal Method

You must have a bank account in the USA. You can create a bank account on Payoneer. A routing number is given to the person who will create an account on this site. Fee collection is done within 2 days. You don’t have to be corporate for all of this. How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon However, after reaching a certain point on, the company structure becomes inevitable..


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